Scents / Dies / Glue

  • Fix-A-Lure Glue

    Fix-A-Lure Glue

    Specifically designed to work on soft plastic lures, our strong and reliable Fix-A-Lure™ glue will get your lure back together and keep it together! Not only will Spike-It's™ glue have your lure as good as new, Fix-A-Lure™ is soft...

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  • Scented Markers Value Pack

    Scented Markers Value Pack

    With Value Pack Markers, you get 4 colors of your favorite scent in one pack. That's 4 markers for the price of 3! Save money and get more! Spike-It™ Scented Markers quickly customize or change the color of any soft plastic lure to meet...

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  • Aerosol Scents

    Aerosol Scents

    Tournament Strength Fish Attractants have the scent that puts fish on the end of your line. Formulated with a variety of heavily concentrated extracts and oils that deliver tournament strength scent and proven results. | 6 oz.

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