Cabin Creek Tournament



      Saturday JUNE 21st, 2014

PANDORA MARINA - 7:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m.  

$60.00 Per Tear Entry – 100% Payback to the field  


  Tournament Rules

1.   $60.00 Per Team Entry Fee Per Tournament

2.   Please observe all KDFW Rules and Regulations

3.   Starting numbers (chip) will be drawn before tournament. If your chip is not in the can provided at weigh station by 3:00 a.m. you will be disqualified - NO EXCEPTIONS!

4.  5 Fish Limit Per Boat. Largemouth, Smallmouth and Ky Spotted Bass measured Mouth Closed and tail Fanned. (Golden Rule is the Official measuring Device) Courtesy Board will be provided.

6.  All Culling must be done from water. No Culling in the Parking Lot- You will be disqualified

7.   Short Fish will result in culling your Largest Fish. Tournament directors Have Final Say in this matter

8.  1 Lb Penalty for Dead Fish. Only 1 dead fish will be allowed. KEEP YOUR FISH ALIVE

9.  Participants must go through Live Well Check before tournament

10. At no time may you leave the boat to fish un-accessible water, to land or help land a fish. You will be disqualified.

12. This is a Team Tournament. You must have a partner to fish the tournament 

13.  No more than 2 people per boat at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS!

14.  PANDORA COVE is OFF LIMITS from Gas Pump to Point across Cove. Anyone fishing in these restricted areas will be disqualified

15.  No Trolling or Live Bait can be used at any time.

16.  Each participant agrees not to hold Rocky Top Shell ,Pandora Marina, Tournament Directors, Sponsors and Affiliates to any liability.